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I, on behalf of the Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips Home Page website, would like to thank you for visiting our home page. Here you will find a great deal of information and techniques on the art of largemouth bass fishing which will help you catch more and bigger bass.

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Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips Online is dedicated to bringing you the best information and techniques possible to help you become a better bass fisherman. We have broken this website into five sections all dedicated to largemouth bass fishing

Here you will find articles that have been written by our staff and friends. All articles received and posted are reviewed by myself before being posted to ensure accurate information. Because visitors to this website are of all different skill levels and looking for different types of information we have broke this section into a Getting Started, Bass Fishing Tips 101, Other Species, and a Reviews section.

Getting Started:
In the Getting Started section we will have articles written for the beginning anglers in mind. Most of us have been taught the basic techniques of fishing from a friend or family member who is familiar with the sport. However, not all of us have had this opportunity. Articles found here are designed for these people in mind.

Bass Fishing Tips 101:
This section has all types of articles about largemouth bass fishing. These articles can be helpful to all anglers regardless of their skills.

Other Species:
So you want to catch something other than largemouth bass? After you have read the rest of this site and are bored with catching so many bass you can read articles in the Other Species section and start honing your skills for catching other types of fish.

As with any sport or hobby you need tools. But how do you choose from buying junk or buying the good stuff? This section will give real world reviews on products so you can tell the difference between good buys and gimmicks.

Your Photos:
Need some inspiration? look at these pictures of happy fishermen and their catches. Feel free to send your pictures to

If all else fails, the information you are looking for is surely somewhere on the net. Here you will find links to some of our favorite fishing related websites.



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