Different Tactics for Finding Bass

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New Approaches

I was out fishing the other day and I was not having much luck with a regular bulleted Texas Rigged plastic worm. I managed to catch a few smaller bass within the hour, but nothing spectacular. It was late afternoon, and the weather seemed to be going real well in bass fishing terms. It was 7:00pm on a cloudy day and could not pull in any decent sized fish from my favourite bass pond. I soon decided to try a different approach to the pond. I took off my bullet weight and kept the worm on my line with no weight other than the hook and the 6inch plastic worm itself. I threw the lure out there, and slowly watched it sink to the bottom, almost motionless. After a few seconds, I gave it a little twitch and let it rest again, BAM, pulled in the biggest fish of the day and could hardly believe it. I fished for another hour this way and managed to double the weight and amount of fish I caught the previous hour. When I got home I started thinking about why I had so much luck with this naked worm rig and came to a few conclusions. Firstly, being near the end of the day and cloudy, the fish were beginning to inch out of the thick weed cover in search of food. The water was gin clear and the bass could easily see with plenty of time the purple worm falling in front of their noses, instead of quickly getting it down into the thick stuff which I was doing earlier. I am quite positive this is the reason I got more numbers in bass, because if the bass cannot see the lure, they cannot bite it, especially since it was a finesse lure with no noise making abilities. Another reason I believe this lure produced so well is because it was something different that they are used to. In a small bass pond, the bass have seen many of the lures that are popular with fishermen, and become more picky with what they eat. Seeing this slow moving worm horizontally moving through the water just turned them right on. This could be another reason for the amount of fish caught and an even bigger reason for the larger sized bucketmouth's.

So next time you are fishing a popular pond, try something different than usual, and maybe give this rig a try.


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