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The Best Bass Fishing Lure - by Anthony Zruna


So what, exactly, is the all time best bass fishing lure?  This is the most asked, and most unanswered question in all the bass fishing community. Well, let=s see if we can find an answer to this all time favorite question. 

If you walk into a bait shop you can easily be overwhelmed by all the different lures available, so which one do you pick. Let me tell you that almost all the lures on that wall WILL catch fish. However, some will be more efficient, and some will work in one fishing scenario, but won=t in another scenario.  

Crankbaits are amazing bass fishing lures, but they have many flaws which make them NOT the best bass fishing lure. 

The sheer variety of crankbaits is incredible. You can get some that dive deep, dive shallow, have a wide wobble, have a narrow wobble, have rattles, have no rattles, have a lip, or have no lip, AND each type come in a million different colors. These will all work, but all in different situations which I will discuss in a future article. Unless you are an extreme die hard fisherman or get payed to do it, you cant have every type imaginable.

Also, look at all the hooks dangling off these lures. They almost seem like they are designed to get hung up on weeds. And thick weeds are where a lot of big lunkers hide. 

Spinnerbaits are by far one of the most versatile, and actively used lures on the bass fishing scene. But are they the Abest@ bass fishing lures? No. 

Spinnerbaits can be fished in 1 foot of water, or 30 feet of water. They can be fished along weedbeds, or they can be fished off a deep rock-bed. This makes them extremely adept to fishing a wide range of conditions. The spinnerbait is a battle-proven bait and can be easily used even by beginners, however there is one lure which is even more successful than the spinnerbait. 

So what is the best bass fishing lure? It is the plain old 6-8 inch plastic worm. This is a highly debatable answer to a complicated question. But in my and many colleagues experiences it IS the ultimate bass lure. 

The reason behind it is simple. It is the MOST versatile lure on the market. You can rig it to nearly float, you can rig it to be weedless, you can rig it to get into the thickest weeds imaginable. You can fish it fast, you can fish it slow. You can fish it in 1 foot of water, Or you can go as deep as your weight will let it go. Picking the right color is also fairly straightforward. Dark colors like blue, black, and purple are the all-time favourites. 

 Now before you flock to the bait shop I have to give you some bad news. Yes, the plastic worm is arguably the best bass fishing lure. But, it can also be the most difficult to fish effectively. Many beginner that I fish with don
=t fish them properly and then they wonder why they haven=t caught anything. Fishing a plastic worm takes a lot of practice before you master it. There is a Texas style rig for thick weeds. There is a split shot style rig for fishing mid-depths, there is a weightless rig that can be fished extremely slowly in clear conditions. There is also many variations of all the above rigs and retrieving styles will vary according to conditions. To learn these rigs and how to fish them properly keep probing around this website and explore other web pages. Learning by reading is important and can be effective. But by far the best way to learn this style of fishing is to have someone teach you hands-on. It is amazing what a good fisherman can teach you if you ask. Now go out and start learning how to fish like the pros!


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