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Rigging Soft Plastics

How To Hook An "Offset Worm Hook":

The special thing about "offset worm hooks" is the shank on them is actually bent like this (see Front View picture below). Hooking your plastic lure like this makes the lure virtually weedless and you can, therefore, fish them in the thickest cover. These hooks are approximately 1 inch and a half long.

Texas Style:

The Texas Style rig is best used in heavy cover. This particular rig is virtually weedless. Always use the lightest bullet sinker possible that will still get the lure down to the proper depth. The hook is buried in the plastic worm. to do this you must have a special "offset worm hook".








Carolina Style:

Carolina style rigs are good for fishing just above the bottom of the lake.


Split Shot Style:

The split shot style rig is just like the carolina rig except it is more subtle. This rig is best in clear water or when fish are inactive.

Lead Head Rig:

This is basically only used for grubs. It is fished like the texas style rig but is not weedless.



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