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Water Clarity

Clear Water:

In clear water conditions largemouth bass rely mostly on sight to see what they are eating. Use small spinnerbaits with a single willow type blade. You must real this lure in fast to attract the fish in clear water. Another good lure for these conditiones are natural looking grubs. Bounce the grub off as much structure as possible and as close to where you suspect the fish will be. The best rig for rigging grubs is the lead-head rig. Stay away from using crankbaits or other lures with many treble hooks hanging off of it. The fish will be able to see these hooks and will be reluctant to strike. Use the lightest line possible. The best possible way to catch bass in clear water is to use live bait. Use line around the 6 to 8 lbs test range. When using heavier line, the fish will see this and will not bite the lure. Always cast past any fish holding structure and with as little splash as possible. And you must get the lure in as close to the structure as possible. In clear water, bass are unwilling to move out of their cover. Use the smallest lures possible. You must fish your lure fast so the bass does not get a good look at the lure and can, therefore, not tell it is a fake. Even wearing the right clothing will help your luck in catching more and bigger bass. Do not wear bright coloured clothes. The fish will notice your every movement and will be too spooked to eat. Be as quite as possible and try not to make any sudden movements. Be stealthy. The best places to fish in clear water are drop-offs, patches of weeds, and shady areas. The fish will, also, be holding in the thickest cover possible to hide from any potential predators and prey. Finally, to help your odds in catching more and bigger fish in clear water wear polarized sunglasses. These glasses will help you to see the fish before they can see you.

In muddy/stained water bass tend to use their lateral lines to feel vibrations so they can tell where a possible morsel may be. Use bright coloured lures. The darker the water, the brighter the lure is a good rule of thumb. Also, use flashy lures that reflect the most light. Bass tend to be attracted to this sudden flash. When using spinnerbaits, use the tandem colorado blades. This particular setup makes the most flash and vibration. Using a rattling lure can also help attract bites. A lot of crankbaits have rattles in them. But now you can buy plastic or glass inserts you can put in plastic baits. I find the glass ones, even though they are a bit more expensive, sound the best. Some say the rattle sounds like crawfish pincers, but this is just a theory. Stained or muddy water is the easiest water clarity to fish.


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